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Thermaltake Element G Computer Chassis

Looking for the best case to wrap around that new powerhouse you call a computer? Look no further. Join Tom As we take a look at the Element G by Thermaltake. Designed with gamers in mind, will it keep your system ultra cool, while providing some flashiness that every gamer loves, or will it be as big a failure as the iButton? Read on to find out.

Thermaltake Soprano Aluminum Keyboard

Today Tom Gowing takes a look at the all new Thermaltake Soprano Aluminum Keyboard. Stepping out of their norm, will this new keyboard be the next must have in gaming technology? Or should Thermaltake stick to what it knows best: Cases, and Cooling? Join TechwareLabs as we take a look...

Changing the Game – A Brief History of CPU’s

The history of the modern day CPU is one that we tend to overlook. We now want 2, 4 and even 8 cores for our desktops. Join Tom Gowing as TechwareLabs gives you a brief History of the CPU and what we have to look forward to.