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Sapphire Pure Fusion Mini E350 Review

Sapphire is the first to utilize AMD's E350 (Zacate) APU - a combination of CPU and GPU computing technologies onto a single die, and AMD's answer to Intel's Sandy Bridge graphics integration. The form factor is a power-saving mini-ATX, dubbed Pure Fusion Mini E350. Does it stack up against Intel's offerings?

Enercell Portable Power Bank for iPod and iPhone

Apple's iPhone changed the game when it came to smartphones, but one flaw that hasn't been adressed in four generations is the built-in battery. Almost every other cellular phone on the market has a removable battery, allowing users to swap it with a spare when far away from a charger. Apple continued this sealed-device trend with its iPod Touch line. Enercell has put forth a solution: A rechargable battery pack that extends the life of iDevices. But does it live up to its own hype of an extra 6 hours of iLife? Techware Labs is off to find out.

Cubitek Mini-Tank Case Review

Want to go LAN-party hopping but don't want to tote your full tower? Want a mini gaming case that doesn't make sacrifices for size? Need a soild case for your mini-ATX board? If you answered Yes to any of those questions, then Cubitek has the answer for you in their Mini Tank mini-ATX case designed with the gamer in mind.

Building Computers for the Weekend Geek

The face of personal computing is constantly changing and evolving. There are more terms out there than ever before, which makes it harder and harder to keep everything straight. Is the i7 really better than the i5? Why are some computer packages so much cheaper than others? Is that barebones computer for $300 really worth it? What should I really look for when I look at the details of a “PC Bargain”? What does all of that stuff DO anyway?? I’ll try to answer some of those questions, and in such a way that even the Weekend Geek (if there is such a thing) won’t walk away scratching their heads.

8 Steps to Creating and Using Signatures in Outlook 2010

Like it or hate it Office 2010 is jam packed with some excellent features. Unfortunately as a product becomes more feature packed it also has the tendency to become more complicated to use. The following 8 easy steps will walk you through one of the most common tasks many users want, a predefined signature which appears at the bottom of new e-mails, replies, or both.

Three Steps to a Faster Computer/PC

Reclaim lost speed and countless minutes of your time by following a simple 3 step process to a faster PC. We show you why your PC is slow..., the short and simple answer: You use it. Now what can you do about it.