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BeyondCloud BC214se 2300 by Synology

Synology is a trusted name in the NAS market. We take a look at their new line BeyondCloud aimed at home users with a lower price point and simplified setup.

The Case for Cloud Backup at Home

5 years ago a good backup solution for your house was to buy an external hard drive and put copies of you data on it. The problem now is that with multiple computers a single external USB drive will be quite the task to move around from system to system. Also if you are using the external as another storage device to free space, you no longer have two copies and the external is your master. You are still highly susceptible to hardware failure. Quickly it becomes apparent that an external hard drive sitting next to your computer is not going to protect you against all inevitabilities, or even most of them.

Cooler Master Storm Trooper Unboxing and Install

The Cooler Master Storm Trooper case has been out for a while. Today we check out a system install into this case and bring you our real life testing and experience. Is this an easy install, or is your money better spent elsewhere? Watch what happens as our Josh Martin takes the Trooper out for a spin, you may be surprised by what he found.

Storage Platform Migration: Mac to Windows

Storage Platform Migration Mac to Windows: The Joy. The Horror. My Nightmare. Like a lot of Systems Administrators these days I work in a mixed platform environment of Macs and Windows. In Today’s BYOD culture this subject can make your blood boil. No matter where you stand on the war you can appreciate my struggle.

GE Chic 13 inch On-Lap Monitor

Come take a look at this versatile second monitor display for your laptop, maybe you'll find all the extra room your need.

Sapphire Radeon HD6450 Flex Edition Video Card Review

In addition to being a low profile silent media pc ready card, this unit also boasts triple DVI monitor support right out of the box. This is impressive for a sub $100 card, But what kind of performance can a $70 card really provide?