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BeyondCloud BC214se 2300 by Synology


Synology recently announced the BeyondCloud line. BeyondCloud is designed to give the tech savvy consumer a self-starting entry point into their powerful NAS solution.

The BeyondCloud comes in three variants:

  • Single 2tb Drive: BC115j 1200 — $179.99
  • Single 3tb Drive: BC115j 1300 — $239.99
  • Mirrored 3tb drives: BC214se 2300 — $369.99

Today we will be looking going through the setup and usage of the BeyondCloud Mirror.

 DSC02283 DSC02282

This unit comes preconfigured with two 3tb drives in a mirrored raid for redundancy. The actual unit supporting this is the DS214se.

 DSC02284 DSC02296

I have linked the manufacturer specification page here. The spec page is long, very long. The spec page has to be long to cover all of the supported functions in the Powerful DSM operating system. (more on that later).


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