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BeyondCloud BC214se 2300 by Synology

BeyondCloud By Synology focuses on Quick setup:

The Manufacturer recommends navigating to the website as the first step to getting started. On the website, there are three training videos with instructions for not only the physical setup, but directing you to another page to handle the network discovery process.

 Synologybeyondcloud-004 Synologybeyondcloud-003
  • The first video goes through the physical setup and finding the BeyondCloud on the network.
  • The second video introduces you to the DSM suite. As does the guided tutorial once you log in for the first time.
  • The Third Video walks you through the Quick access steps. This feature is available in all DSM 5.1. Essentially it registers any Synology device through their servers giving you an easier method of accessing it remotely without manipulating your router.  While this quick access won’t enable all functionality, it will allow you to access your files, pictures, and music.

Navigating to brings up the startup page that the video walks you through. At the end of the process you have setup your username /password, and installed the most common file sharing packages.

 Synologybeyondcloud-007 Synologybeyondcloud-008 Synologybeyondcloud-009
Synologybeyondcloud-010 Synologybeyondcloud-012 Synologybeyondcloud-013
Synologybeyondcloud-014 Synologybeyondcloud-015 Synologybeyondcloud-016
Synologybeyondcloud-017 Synologybeyondcloud-018

Using the quick access I was very easily able to browse my files on my phone.

 2015-02-01 04.35.06 2015-02-01 04.35.56 2015-02-01 04.36.01
2015-02-01 04.37.06 2015-02-02 00.08.01 2015-02-02 00.08.06

The setup process is greatly simplified over a complete setup of a bare bones Synology. For starters the hard drives are not only included, they are installed and configured. You don’t have to wait for the system to initialize the Seagate 3TB NAS drives.  You don’t even have to make the decision on the raid configuration. The included packages are the core components of the software suite which will get you off and running for the standard file sharing activities.

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