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Powerocks PowerBank 6000, 2800 and Strongvolt Solar 7 Charger

Do you have a mobile device? Does it have a battery? Do you use your mobile device often? Does it's battery run dry every now and again? I know that I just asked a huge, overarching question, that could totally apply to everyone, but they were legitimate. I know both from anecdotes and personal experience that depending on usage, time of the year, solar alignment, and your karma, electronic devices can either last for days, or several hours. So to resolve this dilemma I have prepared 3 alternative energy sources. Two of these you have to charge yourself; as for the third, it draws energy from that giant nuclear furnace in the sky. Without further ado, let's begin the alternative energy trifecta.

The iPad Air, Customer Dynamics, and Planned Obsolescence

Just in time for all hallows eve, I bring to you a horror story: Imagine, you just bought a car. A great car, it runs well, sounds amazing, fits you and the kids. But a year later, you have the opportunity to buy a new, better car. So you head down to the dealership, since you like the brand so much, and you buy the newer model. You arrive home, and park it right next to the car you bought last year. See where I'm going with this? If not, stick around.

GamesterGear Cruiser P3210 Gaming Headset Review

We all like great sound quality, right? I'm very sure that if you own a gaming, or a heavily customized PC, you like to have high quality audio, be it by means of a surround sound system or a great pair of headphones. The usual downside with a set of phenomenal gaming headsets is that they tend to break the bank. Most quality headsets, with their large drivers and surround support tend to run well over $150. I'm not saying that an inexpensive headset can be bad, I've used a $30 Plantronics 355 and loved it, but when the product costs more, you can expect it to have more features. So, what happens when a product advertises more features, but doesn't necessarily cost more? The Cruiser P3210 from GamesterGear, which MSRPs $90 seems to be that product, so how about we take a look.

Roccat Kone Pure and XTD Gaming Mice Review

The phrase "German engineering" has always signified the absolute top in function and efficiency, and today we get to put that to the test. Hailing from the Rhineland, today we have a dual gaming mouse review! Roccat has sent us two models from their Kone line: the portable Kone Pure, and the full size XTD. This line of gaming mice are aimed at those for whom customization is king. As a matter of fact, the head line on the boxes reads "Max customization Gaming Mouse". With all of this hubbub about options, features, and settings that can be changed and rewritten, Roccat is putting out quite the order: gaming mice with interchangeable bells and whistles, and at an affordable price; the Pure is around $70, while the XTD goes for $90. Can they fill this order, or do Roccat end up spreading it all too thin? Lets find out!

Rosewill Helios RK-9200 Mechanical Keyboard Review

Whether you're typing up an essay, simply scrolling through a web page, or gaming your night away, more often than not, these activities in some way involve your keyboard. This vital utility can come in every size and shape imaginable, and most of us have extremely personal preferences when it comes to what it is we type on. Today for review, we have the Rosewill Helios RK-9200 mechanical keyboard. This portable, dual-illuminated, Cherry MX Black equipped keyboard comes with many surprises, and starts at around $139.99. Lets take a closer look.

Bower and Wilkins P3 Headphone Review

We all like to listen to music, and a large percentage of us like to listen to high fidelity music. So, its without saying that when you listen to high quality music your speakers, headset, or playback device is very important. There exists an incredible selection of audio brands, and in each brand there is plenty to choose from, so, usually, the quest for high quality listening hardware comes down to the question of price. Certain brands target certain price ranges, as is with all things in this consumer based world. Today, we're going to be looking at the ~$200 price range, and our product will be the Bower & Wilkins P3.