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Laptop Overheating: A Cheap Solution that Works

Laptop and notebook overheating affects almost everyone. It's a problem that never has and probably won't be solved completely, but there are ways to help that many people don't know about. Secrets will be uncovered and time will stop, don't miss the article that may change your life forever.

Logisys NP160 Laptop/Notebook Cooler

Over the last 3 decades, laptops have sky-rocketed to become one of the largest industries inside consumer electronics, and as more and more of us strive to have the newest and greatest out there, we find ourselves spending a good portion of our "extra money" on accessories for our personal computers, specifically laptops. Logisys, a huge dealer in electronic parts and accessories, delivered the NP160 Aluminum USB Laptop Multifunctional Cooling Pad. At first glance the Cooling pad looks ordinary and you wonder if Logisys really makes use of the "Multifunctional" part of its title. Can they add that extra *bam* to this cooler and make what seems to be ordinary, in to something "extra"ordinary?

Sandisk UltraBackup USB Flash Drive

We all have at least one type of portable memory storage unit laying around the house filled with music, work, pictures, videos or what have you. But now those guys from Sandisk have created the first flash drive with a "Backup" button. With no wires and no fuss, see if they made a breakthrough in storing important electronic data safely and with ease.

NZXT Cryo S Aluminum Notebook Cooler

Is your laptop running a little too hot for your liking? Join Stefan here at TechwareLabs as we take a look at what NZXT brings to the plate. Will the Cryo S Aluminum Notebook Cooler be the equivalent of Liquid Cooling for your laptop? Read on to find out...