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CoolerMaster Silent Pro M 600W Power Supply


Power supplies should never be overlooked when building a computer. In fact it can prove to be a crucial choice because it can be a source of many unpredictable error message and crashes. PSU’s are often overlooked when they occur. Not only is PSU usually the first hardware to falter with age it can also be the reason of other hardware failures. The PSU are often ranked by wattage, 500W, 600W, 850W, etc. This is however only a marketing scheme, if you will. These numbers do not paint the whole picture to the customer, far from it. Solid amperage and constant power at higher temperatures, efficiency and reliability is what makes a power supply superior. Efficiency ratio is power output over power input at different work loads.

80 Plus certification is becoming a new standard for rating efficiency for power supplies. The minimum requirements to get a certification is 80% efficiency at 20%, 50%, and 100% loads. More and more companies are submitting their power supplies for this certification so having 80 Plus label on the PSU is a good start for choosing your PSU.

CoolerMaster is a well known for making chassis, cooling, and power supplies amongst other things. They are one of those companies that are “good bang for buck”. Not to mention their power supplies are reliable and that has been the experience here at TechwareLabs. For review here we have Silent Pro M series 600Watt power supply.

CoolerMaster’s Take

Introducing the New Silent Pro PSU. The Silent Pro is the first modular PSU being offered by CMUSA, and is comprised of new unique features that set it apart from our competition. With built in copper plates, and aluminum fins the internal heat distribution is amplified and thus puts less stress on the Fan’s which prolongs the life of the PSU and also allows the unit to operate under extremely quiet conditions. In the even that the heat begin to rise the Silent Pro is equipped with a 135mm fan controlled by an on board fan speed controller.  Also setting the Silent Pro line apart are the upgraded internal components similar to the UCP PSU at a fraction of the cost. The Silent Pro is designed for those looking for good stable power, with increased airflow within their case.


  • Robust Design
  • Energy Efficient
  • Silent Performance
  • Easy Cable Management
  • Easy Expandability
  • High Quality slow burning Capacitors. Greater than 100,000 MTBF
  • Typically 85% under full load, and sustained 82% at idle
  • Energy Star, RoHs, and Blue Angel Compliant
  • Copper heat plates, and aluminum fins efficiently distribute the heat
  • 135mm 19dBA, 800RPM fan provides effective cooling when heat rises, controlled by an on board Fan Speed controller
  • Flat Cable Design for increased case airflow and neat cable management options. 6+2 PCI-E Connectors for multiple VGA set ups
  • Offer single 12V rail @ 40 Amps with 120 additional Watts
  • Flat Cable design for improved air flow and decreased in clutter
  • 135mm fan that spins slower with increased airflow and minimal noise
  • 5 Year Warranty

This is a single rail PSU, which in my opinion the better way to go . Since the rail current distribution leaves room for mistakes. If you overload a 12V 20amp rail the computer will shut down. With requirements steadily growing it’s easier to overload a rail if you’re not careful.

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