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Edifier MP250 USB Laptop/Computer Speakers

Take a look at Edifier's portable MP250 USB powered computer/laptop speaker system. This elegant aluminum enclosed system is designed to give your laptop an audio kick you never knew it had. Let's find out if its worth your money.

GlacialTech Igloo Alaska Cooler

Whether you're looking for AMD or Intel cooler this cooler fits all! Well, not all exactly, but it'll definitely fit into any latest sockets from AMD or Intel. GlacialTech was kind enough to send us their new Igloo Alaska from multi-platform series.

Thermaltake Armor A90 Case

I believe that majority of computer enthusiasts want a case that has had plenty of thought put into it. Small features that make system builder's life easier, and manageable interior space that makes for a clean build. Thermaltake continually makes improvements on their cases and they put more thought in each new release. One of their latest is Armor A90.

Antec Sonata Proto Case

Even though primarily known for their chassis, Antec has already expanded their influence in different direction with quality hardware. Their chassis are usually very unique and we have reviewed such cases by Antec before. Everyone likes to show off their cool cases with unique designs but that's not everyones goal especially in budget builds.

Antec Notebook Cooler Designer

The design for laptop cooling differ in many aspects. They may differ in size, shape, airflow direction, number of fans, power consumption, and they way they draw power. All of these will play a role in which cooler you should buy. For review we have Antec's Notebook Cooler Designer, we'll check out it's features and ability to cool.

Thermaltake CPU Cooler SpinQ VT

Powerful overclock-able processors require powerful cooling, that is a given. With Intel's i7 and i5 being full force on the market the new sockets LGA1366 and LGA 1156 are the top priority for new CPU coolers. Thermaltake's SpinQ VT has the answer for that. It is Thermaltakes new take on older SpinQ with slight differences in design. Let's put the new version to the test.