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GlacialTech Igloo Alaska Cooler



Whether you’re looking for AMD or Intel cooler this cooler fits all! Well, not all exactly, but it’ll definitely fit into any of the latest sockets from AMD or Intel. GlacialTech was kind enough to send us their new Igloo Alaska from their multi-platform series. It boasts an interesting heat-sink and fan design that gives the cooler a “breathing effect”, which we will discuss later. GlacialTech’s philosophy stands for cost effectiveness, let’s see if that’s what this cooler has to offer:

GlacialTech Igloo Alaska


CPU Compatibility
Intel LGA775LGA1156


Cooler Dimension(mm)
Cooler Weight(gram)
Bearing Type Entering Bearing
Rated Voltage
DV 12V
Dimension (mm)
120 x 120 x 25
Speed (RPM)
PWM 700(+/- 300) ~1600 (+/- 250)
Airflow (CFM)
55.7 at 100% duty
Noise (dBA)
30 at 100% duty
Power Consumption (Watt)
4.32 (Max)
Rated Current (Amp)
0.36 (Max)
Operating Voltage (Volt)
6.0 – 13.8
Interface Material
IceTherm II

As you can see the fan is above average size at 120mm. Even when compared to other coolers it is quite robust. On the upside it fits all new Intel and AMD sockets that are currently on the market.


•1) Six Φ6 mm high performance heat pipes with nickel coating
•2) Fins with breathing effect
•3) Copper base
•4) High efficiency axial fan with PWM function
•5) Multi-platforms (Intel LGA775, 1156, 1366, AMD AM2, AM3)
•6) Easy to install.

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