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CoolMax 850Watt Power Supply


It cannot be stressed enough that picking the right power supply may prove crucial for stability of your systems. It’s one of the most overlooked components when trying to figure out what is not working on your PC. If the power supply does not supply stable power it may cause random restarts, errors, blue screen of death(BSoD), or even burn your hardware. In fact, before I started getting interested in hardware while working on my 2 year old computer I started getting plenty of restarts and BSoD and even burned my 400$ video card before I realized that the problem was my cheap insufficient PSU.

80 Plus certification is becoming a new standard for rating efficiency for power supplies. The minimum requirements to get a certification is 80% efficiency at 20%, 50%, and 100% loads. More and more companies are submitting their power supplies for this certification so having 80 Plus label on the PSU is a good start for choosing your PSU. CoolMax ZP-850 is Bronze Certified which means it is 82%, 85%, and 82% efficient for 20%, 50%, and 100% work loads respectively.

CoolMax primarily makes power supplies amongst other things. They are usually budget power supplies and you’re unlikely to find a better price per watt that they provide. For review here we have CoolMax ZP-850W power supply.

CoolMax’s Take

Many power supplies out there claim to deliver the best power available, but at what cost? The ZP series not only delivers you the power you need, but at the 80% Plus Bronze mark. In other words, the ZP series power supplies can render high voltage at an efficiency of 85% or higher without losing its functionality. Save money on your bills while utilizing your system to its full energy potential.

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  1. One thing I have never seen in any computer component review is how much RF interference it produces.
    I just installed a coolmax 1000b Power Supply and it creates so much RF interference that you can’t listen to a FM radio, I had a video card that would do the same thing a few years back, I have noticed that different brands of power supplies generate different amounts of RF interference, aluminum PS tend to generate more than those with steel bodies.


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