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Dell Venue 8 7840 review


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As you can see from the battery life tests we performed using AnTuTu Battery benchmark Venue 8 7840 is above some of the most used tablets in the market today. What does this mean to you? More hours of Netflix, more gaming days, more reading your favorite blogs and social media.



There’s two? No. Three? No. FOUR—that’s right: four cameras on the Venue 8 7840. ┬áThe front 2MP camera that is located in the bottom corner housed in the speaker bar. Then theres the 3 8MP camera-array in the back for the RealSense software inside. This software allows you to measure the area of objects in the picture that it takes, the distance between two objects, and the distance between two points on an object. The technology is still in its youth and is very finicky. By that I mean that its very inaccurate for precision purposes, but can be used in a situation where an estimate is needed, e.g. if car accident requires the insurance agency to see the amount of damage, the software can tell you the approximate size of the dent.

Intel Software Example 1 Intel Software Example 2

The quality of shots are problematic and average at best. With no flash you are required to take images in well-lit situations or with back light.

Example shots: (Click on them to see the examples)

Rear Camera Example Bearded Dragon Rear Camera Example HTC One M9

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