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Dragon NaturallySpeaking 11.5, Premium Edition




dns11legal-rightfacing_lowresWithin the family of products offered by Nuance Communications in the Dragon dns11premiumdictate_leftfacing_lowres

NaturallySpeaking line, there are specialty editions designed to help home users, small businesses, teachers and students, legal, medical and other professionals, and enterprise scale businesses. These editions are Dragon Home, Dragon Premium, Dragon Professional and Dragon Legal and Medical. There is also a separate Apple product line, Dragon for Mac, and an extremely popular family of Dragon apps for IOS enabled devices. One of these, Dragon Remote Microphone, is an iPhone app that permits one to utilize the iPhone for remote input. As long as one is logged onto the same wireless network as the computer running Dragon NaturallySpeaking, the user can sit anywhere within that wireless network’s range, and produce output on a computer as if sitting in front of it. It is difficult to remain dispassionate in the face of such pants wettingly cool technology. Finally, Nuance also offers Dragon NaturallySpeaking products in non-English editions.

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  1. A giant pain in the ass is an understatement. Give the tech another 10 years and maybe the giant part of the pain will be gone. Enjoy that software, after the therapy session dealing with your newly out of control rage.


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