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E Fun Next2 Nextbook


A few years ago the big craze was net books and now for the foreseeable future the current hot item is tablets, everyone and their brother is stir crazy over tablets. Sadly the tablets that most people are drooling over are the big name $500 tablets that have all the bells and whistles and a tidy profit for the manufacture. The Next2 from E Fun is a tablet I can get behind for exactly the opposite reason I stated above, the Next2 is not a main stream tablet and it doesn’t cost a fortune and while it does not have every bell and whistle it does fairly well for itself. The Next2 fills a dual role of being part tablet in the traditional sense and part e-book reader another niche market that has seen a lot of action lately. Join me while I review the E Fun Next2 Nextbook tablet.


E Fun Next2 tablet/e-reader

Testing of the Next2 will consist of a typical user experience with focus on does the Next2 do exactly what it advertises it does. I will also focus on how the experience feels to the customer, and lastly I will focus on battery life, after all whats a tablet/e-reader without a decent battery life?

Company’s take

If you like reading books, browse Internet, listen to music, view your favorite photo albums or videos, Next2 is your new best friend. Its sleek design, touch screen feature, 7 inches color display, WiFi, is just amazing. Next2 comes with a free, preloaded 25 books. With one touch, you can open your favorite book and enjoy it. When fully charged, you can read up to 10 hours. Nextbook now partnered with Which means – just a few taps you can easily access to the Border eBookStore and download eBooks directly. Its high resolution screen gives you sharp images especially when playing HD video. You can also find more fun with third party Apps available. Next2, take all your entire imagination with you!

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