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E Fun Next2 Nextbook

What you get:


Front of box, very similar packaging to that you would normally find in retail stores.


The back of the packaging shows all the supported e-reader document formats as well as supported audio and video formats.


The unit came to me packaged as if it would be found on a retail shelf complete with EAS security tag.  The unit comes in a sturdy box packed with the unit itself, a charger ( sadly not usb charged ) a mini USB cable for connecting it to your computer, and a case. The case is pseudo leather that hold the unit very securely and closes with a magnetic clasp, The other items you get are a stylus and product manuals. Overall a very good assortment of items that come with this tablet.


You get a pretty good set of accessories beyond what you would normally expect ( Tablet and charger ) instead you also get a stylus a USB cable for transferring files, Full documentation and a nice pleather case.

The unit itself has a 7inch resistive touch screen.I make the important distinction between resistive and the newer capacitive touch screen for several reasons. First is that they are completely different in the way they measure your input. A resistive touchscreen has two thin layers of conductive but transparent film on the screen that measures the change in resistance between the layers due to pressure, whereas a capacitive touchscreen measures the interaction between an electrical signal on a transparent grid between the screen and the users finger. Secondly in real world application the capacitive touchscreens tend to be significantly nicer and more accurate but also much more expensive where as the resistive touchscreens are not as accurate but much cheaper to produce which lends itself nicely to keeping costs low on a cheap tablet/e-reader.

Beyond the touch screen the unit is framed in a piano black finish that is a finger print magnet, though manufactures have been using this finish for years so this is nothing new. On the back of the device there is a nice matte black finish that also offers a little grip, this surface is non reflective and does not attract fingerprints which is always a bonus. next2000013
next2000012 On front side of the tablet there are buttons on either side that are primarily used for page changes when using the Next2 as a e-book reader. The buttons on the side provide a nice tactile feedback when pressed.
The bottom of the device has the power switch, a 3.5mm headphone jack,USB(mini) port, SD card slot and the power plug port. All other edges of the Next2 do not have any other ports. next2000019
next2000021 The User interface is a custom UI that looks like its based off the original Android UI with an e-reader twist similar to that of the Kindle or Nook.
Here you can see the model and other about information such as the kernel which is 2.6.55 and the Android version which is 1.5
CPU ARM926EJ ( Dual Core) @ 600Mhz
OS Android 1.5
Memory Capacity
2GB Internal SD up to 8Gb (SDHC) (SD Not included)
Connection USB 2.0, WiFi 802.11b/g
Display 7-inch ( 800×480 pixel resistive touchscreen, aspect ratio 16:9
E-Book Formats PDF/Epub/TXT/FB2 ( coding – PDF/EPUB, .Open, .Adobe DRM )
Photo formats JPEG(8000×8000 max ), BMP, GIF (1000×1000 max )
Video codex support AVI ( MPEG4/XVID/DIVX4/5/6)
3GP/MP4 ( H.264/MPEG4/XVID/DIVX4/5/6)
RM/RMVB ( Real video 8/9/10)
FLV ( Sorenson H.263 , H.264 )
MKV ( H.264/MPEG4/XVID/DIVX4/5/6)
MOV (MPEG4, H.264)

Benchmark Testing and Analysis:

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