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Eviant 7″ Digital TV


The recent retirement of analog reception this was replaced with digital broadcasting. Most analog TVs were saved by a converter box which simply acts as a cable or satellite box. The converter box saved those who had a working analog TV whom didn’t have the ability to or want to purchase a new TV with the ability uses the new digital signal. What the converter box couldn’t help were the small portable TVs. Though these small analog TVs haven’t been seen as hot item in a few years, especially since cell phone have added the ability to connect to the internet and watch live video content.  Eviant has develop a couple of products which will have consumers taking a second look at what small portable TVs have to offer. You will be surprised by the quality availability of digital channels which can be pulled from the air. Eviant has sent Techwarelabs their thin 7” screen unit to review. Let’s take a look at what it has to offer.


Eviant’s Take

Meet Eviant, it’s your perfect companion on-the-go! Eviant is a classy, stylish 7 inch portable digital TV which will have your friends turning red with envy! With Eviant’s portable TV you can enjoy access to lots of free digital television channels when you want them—whether it’s at home or the road. Its advanced screen brings you crystal clear pictures with stereo sound. It’s one of a kind design comes in many stylish colors; TV just can’t get more personal than this.

7.0” screen size
480 x 234 Resolution
Built-in TV Tuner
ATSC/NTSC Compatible
Built-in Rechargeable Battery
16:9 Wide Screen Aspect Ratio
Built-in Speakers
6 Buttons Remote Control
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  1. I need contac somebody, about this tv because I need the charge for the tv please can you help
    me with this

  2. I read a few topics. I respect your work and added blog to favorites.

    • can this plug to your home tv

      • Victoria – It is possible to plug the Eviant 7″ TV into your home cable, satellite, or even game consoles. The Eviant 7” TV has a Co-ax plug (where the antenna plugs in) where you would plug in the cable from the cable/satellite box or game console and then within the TV menu you would change from AIR to A/V mode.


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