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Eviant 7″ Digital TV

Closer Look:


Box packing

The Eviant 7″ LCD TV comes in a box that is just slightly bigger than the product itself. The Evian 7″ TV is packaged pretty well to prevent damage during shipment.

The package of the Eviant 7″ Digital TV comes in a compact box which may be misleading to the consumer as to how big the TV inside really is. Also when wrapped up as a Christmas gift of sorts will keep the individual who is receiving the gift guess till they unwrap it.



The Eviant 7″ LCD comes with quite a bit a few items.

One point that occurred to us later was since there is A/V cables which can be used to plug the LCD into your cars A/V ports and an additional antenna which can be placed on the roof of your car to assist with getting a better signal while driving, why wasn’t there a plug which plugs the LCD into the car’s lighter to supply power while you are riding in the car? So a quick trip to the local Radio Shack to pick up a plug for a few dollars may be worth it after the internal battery is unable to hold a charge in the future. What you do not see here is the internal integrated battery which will power the Eviant 7″ TV. The battery charges automatically anytime the TV is plugged into the AC power adapter for hours of use. The draw back to this battery is the inability to replace it.


Back with remote holder and remote

The back of the Eviant 7″ LCD is pretty simple with a simple stand. Shown here is the remote and remote bracket attached to the back of the 7″ LCD.

The Eviant 7″ LCD comes with a simple, yet very handy remote control which gives you the freedom to stay in your relaxed seating position and change the channel and adjust the volume without needing to put your hands on the TV. This was an unexpected feature for a LCD of this price, a definite plus.

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  1. I need contac somebody, about this tv because I need the charge for the tv please can you help
    me with this

  2. I read a few topics. I respect your work and added blog to favorites.

    • can this plug to your home tv

      • Victoria – It is possible to plug the Eviant 7″ TV into your home cable, satellite, or even game consoles. The Eviant 7” TV has a Co-ax plug (where the antenna plugs in) where you would plug in the cable from the cable/satellite box or game console and then within the TV menu you would change from AIR to A/V mode.


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