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Monster 24K Bluetooth Superstar Backfloat


24K Bluetooth Superstar Backfloat


Bling is a humble word when observing this little golden egg that I am going to review here. Let me first begin with modesty, I’m not one to get attracted to shiny objects, nor am I fond of carrying anything that I would have to keep in mind where it is at all times due to the effect of shiny object theft, but this speaker is quite good at what it does.

NOTE: The biggest misconception in speakers is that a tiny speaker will fill a full room with “surround like” qualities, though if you are familiar with wave frequencies and their characteristics of sound dispersal you will acknowledge that a device that can act as a surround system is a gimmick. Not that this device claims it, but just a general nugget of knowledge, you need a wide array of speakers to create multiple sources of sound to mimic that of a engulfing experience.

Now for the device, this thing is LOUD. Capable of spreading a living room with sound that sounds really good. In my observation of the device’s capabilities I go over a few tracks I like to test audio devices such as headphones and stereo systems with thorough analysis.

First, the look and feel…

Backside of Box


Mesh Case


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