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Monster 24K Bluetooth Superstar Backfloat


Look and Feel

The speakers look and feel wonderful, glossed over with a shiny coat of a golden shine, reflections in the water will render this speaker “Cloaked” so be careful and follow the music if your playing Marco Polo with the 24k Bluetooth speaker.

IMG_8048The full device is covered in a silicon based material making it very comfortable to carry and feel, as well as a good “case-like” protection from medium drops. This black casing however is simply that, a silicon case. It can be removed and with time as I’ve experienced with phone cases of this type will stretch and morph out of its original mold, so removing it often other than maintenance is not recommended.

Without the rubber case it  kinda looks cheap as it is constructed of hard plastic with many vulnerabilities of external debris or at that point, water itself. Please do not try to swim with this speaker without the casing, or you’re going to IMG_8052have a bad day. The rubber case also plugs up the charger USB port and the Aux In plug, lose the rubber case and you’ll have yourself a shiny piece of plastic.
The Monster 24K speaker is known for its ability to float backside down and provide entertainment whilst enjoying a dip in the pool or an outright pool party. This is a very crowd pleasing feature and works very well as a show off piece. It is also waterproof* (minus the underwater pressure crushing the plastic at some specific depth) safe to say a pool party would hardly reach its limitations. Though, probably not the best idea to scuba dive with it as an underwater DJ.

As a general piece of knowledge be aware the speaker will lose connection even a few inches underwater as the water will reflect the Bluetooth waves across the surface with only a quarter of the waves reaching the device from the phone. Also, your phone is still not waterproof so don’t keep them near when using the speaker amphibiously near water.


So how about that sound quality?

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