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Getting our hands dirty:

The box is a typical brown box packaging no real luster or beauty here nothing  that says “BUY ME” like you see on most mainstream cases. The same can be said  for the packaging, styrofoam padding and a clear plastic bag thought this is not unusual it certainly says where your money is going (hopefully into the case itself).  Your looking to save money on the case….they’re looking to save money on advertising.

Beta box Case wrapped in protective packaging

At first Glance I was pleasantly surprised NZXT really went the extra mile for this one, the steel case isn’t overly heavy, and best of all the surfaces have all been buffed or rounded. Looks like I wont be losing a hand after all!  The Beta case is certainly lacking in cooling, the single 120mm Fan in front simply isn’t adequate for most systems, however considering the inexpensive nature of good fans, this isn’t a deal breaker It does have support for liquid cooling tubes to exit the case for use with an external reservoir .

Power supply rack

As you can see in the bottom corner there are
2 holes for liquid cooling presumably an in and out.
On the top half you can see the power supply mount.
Case shot

An exterior shot of the case showing the vent locations
where you can place additional fans.

Installation was incredibly straight Forward put in the posts install the motherboard, I was pleased that all of the slot covers were screw removable. My experience in the past dealing with some cases you have to pry the pieces covering the drive slots out just to install your drives, this was significantly more convenient. Also the Facial plates had foam inside to alleviate some dust intake from the grid design as well as providing some acoustic dampening of the noise from your internal components. The tool less drive mounts worked flawlessly and provided no hassle. The instillation process was very smooth in contrast to what you would expect with some cases in this price range. Once powered on you can see the blue light isn’t as bright as it could be, all things considered I would prefer to change out that fan anyway as fans in budget cases tend to be cheaply made and noisy, this one does not appear to be too bad but time will tell.


A nice look at the tool less design of the drive bay’s

Open Shot of the case

An open shot of the case showing you its glory
(HD not included)

quick shot of the PCI/PCI-e slots

Showing some of the post holes as well as the PCI/PCI-e Slots
as you can see this case has a good amount of room
for expansion for a budget case.

HD enclosure

A good shot of the HD bay with room for 5 drives I like how they are aligned with
connectors facing out if you are like me you add and remove drives on a regular
basis and this makes it super simple. (HD not included)

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