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Sapphire HD 6950 FleX 2GB Graphics Card



After a while all graphics cards seem to blend together. Most are just the reference design with a company logo on it. For the most part they all perform the same. That’s why it’s so refreshing when a company does something different with their cards. Sapphire, one of the largest manufacturers of graphics cards, introduces their new HD 6950 FleX edition card. While the speeds of the cards may be stock 6950, Sapphire makes this card stand out by enabling it to run 3 monitors in an Eyefinity setup without the need for expensive Display Port monitors or adapters. While the FleX brings a cool trick to the table, does it have what it takes to run today’s games? Only reading on will give you the answer.


Sapphire’s Take:

Most graphics cards based on AMD technology require the third monitor in an Eyefinity set-up to be a DisplayPort monitor, or connected with an active DisplayPort Adapter. The SAPPHIRE FleX family can support three DVI monitors in Eyefinity mode and deliver a true SLS (Single Large Surface) work area without the need for costly active adapters. The first two monitors are connected to the two DVI ports and the third to an HDMI to DVI cable (supplied) with no extra hardware required.

The SAPPHIRE HD 6950 FleX is now the highest performing card with this feature, allowing gamers to use low-cost DVI monitors for all three screens. Additional monitors can be added to the setup, but must be DisplayPort connected.

Like the standard HD 6950, the SAPPHIRE HD 6950 FleX Edition boasts true DX 11 capability and the powerful configuration of 1408 stream processors and 88 texture processing units. With its clock speeds of 800MHz for the core and 1250Mhz (5 Gb/sec effective) for the memory this model brings multi-screen enjoyment to even hard-core gamers.

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  1. can someone tell me if this graphics card will work in a compaq sr2050nx computer here is computer specs…
    PassMark BurnInTest Log file –

    Date: 09/05/11 01:21:30

    BurnInTest V6.0 Pro 1030
    (64-bit)Logging detail level: Normal

    *** Unlicensed Shareware Version ***

    Windows Vista Home Premium Edition Service Pack 2 build 6002 (64-bit),
    1 x Intel(R) Pentium(R) D CPU 2.80GHz,
    959MB RAM,
    ATI RADEON XPRESS 200 Series,
    186GB HDD, 932GB HDD,

    System Name: SR2050NX
    System Model: RE476AA-ABA SR2050NX NA680
    Motherboard Manufacturer: ECS
    Motherboard Name: Asterope3
    Motherboard Version: 1.1
    BIOS Manufacturer: American Megatrends Inc.
    BIOS Version: 3.24
    BIOS Release Date: 01/18/2007

    CPU manufacturer: GenuineIntel
    CPU Type: Intel(R) Pentium(R) D CPU 2.80GHz
    CPUID: Family F, Model 4, Stepping 7
    Physical CPU’s: 1
    Cores per CPU: 2
    Hyperthreading: Disabled
    CPU features: MMX SSE SSE2 SSE3 DEP PAE Intel64
    Clock frequencies:
    Measured CPU speed: 2799.2 MHz
    Cache per CPU package:
    Trace Cache: 12 K-uops
    L1 Data Cache: 2 x 16 KB
    L2 Cache: 2 x 1024 KB

    Total Physical Memory: 959MB
    Available Physical Memory: 423MB
    Virtual memory: C:\pagefile.sys (allocated base size 6000MB)
    Virtual memory: D:\pagefile.sys (allocated base size 1258MB)

    ATI RADEON XPRESS 200 Series
    Chip Type: ATI Radeon Graphics Processor (0x5A61)
    DAC Type: Internal DAC(400MHz)
    Memory: 64MB
    BIOS: BK-ATI VER008.046I.003.000
    Driver provider: ATI Technologies Inc.
    Driver version: 8.383.0.0
    Driver date: 6-13-2007
    Monitor 1: 1024x768x32 75Hz (Primary monitor)

    C: Local drive, NTFS, (931.51GB total, 732.01GB free)
    D: Local drive, CHUCK, NTFS, (186.31GB total, 80.82GB free)
    E: Optical drive, iHAS324 B
    F: Optical drive, CD/DVDW TS-H652L
    G: Removable
    H: Removable
    I: Removable
    J: Removable

    Disk drive: Model ST3200826AS ATA Device (Size: 186.31GB)
    Disk drive: Model WDC WD1002FAEX-00Z3A0 ATA Device (Size: 931.51GB)


    Realtek RTL8139/810x Family Fast Ethernet NIC (Speed: 100Mb/s)

    PCI Soft Data Fax Modem with SmartCP: COM3 – Modem Device (max Baud rate: 128000)
    Parallel port: LPT1
    Mouse Port: PS/2 connector
    Keyboard Port: PS/2 connector
    ATI I/O Communications Processor USB 1.1 OHCI controller
    – Dell Dell USB Optical Mouse
    ATI I/O Communications Processor USB 1.1 OHCI controller
    – Dell Dell USB Keyboard
    ATI I/O Communications Processor USB 2.0 EHCI controller
    – Generic USB2.0-CRW (SN: 20021111153705700)

    Test Start time: Mon Sep 05 00:52:37 2011
    Test Stop time: Mon Sep 05 01:07:40 2011
    Test Duration: 000h 15m 03s

    Test Name Cycles Operations Result Errors Last Error
    CPU 0 266 Billion PASS 0 No errors
    Memory (RAM) 37 19.288 Billion PASS 0 No errors
    2D Graphics 6 6167 PASS 0 No errors
    3D Graphics 5 11278 PASS 0 No errors
    Optical disk (E:) 0 0 FAIL 176 Error while searching for files on optical data disk
    Optical disk (F:) 0 0 FAIL 179 Error while searching for files on optical data disk
    Sound 3 12.150 Million PASS 0 No errors
    Printer 0 0 FAIL 2 Could not send page to printer
    Network 1 0 0 FAIL 76 No permission to open RAW network socket
    Parallel Port 0 0 FAIL 89 Error loading Parallel port device driver. Check administrator privileges.
    Tape 0 0 FAIL 58 Could not access the tape drive selected
    USB Plug 1 0 0 FAIL 1 Could not detect USB loopback plug
    USB Plug 2 0 0 FAIL 1 Could not detect USB loopback plug
    Video Playback 12 157 PASS 0 No errors
    Serial Port 1 0 0 FAIL 81 The requested COM port could not be found
    Disk (A:) 0 0 FAIL 3 No media detected in drive
    Disk (C:) 2 43.603 Billion PASS 0 No errors

  2. Andy Kirschetorte

    Please can you confirm that you are correct with your specification where you state 40 stream processes or have you copied/pasted from the Sapphiretech site and not realised this looks wrong?

    • That section was copied directly from Sapphire’s site. Looks like they have it listed wrong in a few places. It should actually be 1408 Stream Processors. I have updated the article accordingly. Good catch.


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