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Silicon Power – Xpower 4GB Kit


Fifteen years ago, My first computer was a Intel Pentium IBM compatible monster, with 16Mb ram and a 250Mb hard drive. It was running windows 95 because I had upgraded from windows 3.1. This ram kit produced by Silicon Power has over 16 times the clock speed and storage capability. Henry ford produced the Model T for 19 years. Can you imagine where we would be if the technology industry had remained that complacent? I shudder at the thought.


Today we will be looking at the Silicon Power X Power Dual Channel DDR3 2133Mhz Ram Kit. This is available in both dual and triple channel configurations. This is the fastest kit that Silicon Power currently offers and I am excited to see what this baby can do. Follow us as we give the X power the juice to see how it survives.

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  1. “Also the ram is reporting in at Single Channel however it is set at dual channel in the bios.”

    lol, fail much? So the memory isnt stable enough to post bios in dual channel even.

    • A couple of problems with the test.

      1. You are not testing the CPU and motherboard. You are testing the *RAM*. Allowing the CPU to overclock in this test when trying to “push” the RAM is retarded. Come on get with it already. It’s no wonder you didn’t reach rated on the RAM.

      2. I say that you probably hit an FSB limit. Not the limit of the RAM.


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