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Silicon Power – Xpower 4GB Kit



The packaging has a nice window featuring the stylish heat spreaders, and demonstrating the size of the ram. I am speaking from firsthand knowledge, it is important to know the dimensions of your prospective components. The dimms on Most major boards are very close to the processor socket, and large heat-spreaders can prevent you from using a desired cooler if you don’t do your research.


The exterior packaging highlights the components contained within, however do not provide much in the way of technical specifications.

dscn0747 dscn0748

The interior packaging is slightly different from the standard blister pack i have seen from other manufacturers, the tray is a little more functional and less of a nuisance.

A Closer Look:


The Ram itself looks rather intimidating.


The Heat spreaders are screwed onto this ram, I really appreciate this as it would allow you to remove them if necessary for space reasons, or if you were attaching a third party cooling system.  Some other manufacturers glue their spreaders directly onto the chip greatly discouraging their removal.

Ram is pretty standard, once you get past the heat spreaders there isn’t much to see. Lets see whats under the hood.

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  1. “Also the ram is reporting in at Single Channel however it is set at dual channel in the bios.”

    lol, fail much? So the memory isnt stable enough to post bios in dual channel even.

    • A couple of problems with the test.

      1. You are not testing the CPU and motherboard. You are testing the *RAM*. Allowing the CPU to overclock in this test when trying to “push” the RAM is retarded. Come on get with it already. It’s no wonder you didn’t reach rated on the RAM.

      2. I say that you probably hit an FSB limit. Not the limit of the RAM.


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