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Sparkle Calibre 9800GTX+ Video Card

Closer look:

Calibre 9800GTX+ Box
Calibre 9800GTX+ Box 2
Unassuming box design may not grab your attention, but the video card’s performance will.
Calibre 9800 GTX+ Box 3
Calibre 9800GTX+ Box 4
First thing you see is the graphics card in a clear plastic case for shipment which prevents the card from shifting during shipment. No damage was noticed. The contents of the box consisted of the Calibre GeForce 9800 GTX+ card, CD-ROM, quick start guide, DVI converter, two Y-Power cables to connect to Molex and the 8 Pin ports on the graphics card. and a certificate of authenticity

Calibre 9800GTX+ Close Up

Heatsink Close Up Calibre 9800GTX+

Taking in the layout of the card you notice the heat pipe design and open air fans gives you a good look at the components of the card. The heat pipe configuration run to a central heat sink and act as hinges.

Heatsink and Heatpipes Calibre 9800GTX+

Calibre 9800GTX+ Fan Close Up
Close up of the central Aluminum heat sink where the two heat pipes run to. The two fans on the card are not surrounded by any cover to assist with channeling the air flow over the card.

The Calibre NVIDIA GeForce 9800GTX+ is definitely eye candy as far as showing what it is made of. The Calibre NVIDIA GeForce 9800GTX+ does not come with the standard plastic covers which hide the card’s components from on-lookers, not that on-lookers can see much when the standard graphics card is installed. The Calibre NVIDIA GeForce 9800GTX+ also has a design feature that will definately grab ones attention called butterflying the heat sinks.

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