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Thermaltake BigTyp14 CPU Cooler


The BigTyp 14Pro is packaged very similarly to the rest of Thermaltake’s heatsinks. The heatsink itself is encased in a very sturdy plastic within the box. Below the heatsink encased in the plastic, is a small white box that contains the instructions and all needed components for the installation of the BigTyp 14Pro.

bigtyppro001.jpg bigtyppro002.jpg
bigtyppro003.jpg bigtyppro004.jpg

A Closer Look:

There is not much to say about the BigTyp 14Pro. The whopping 140 mm fan is enormous to say the least. Directly underneath it lies 63 single aluminum fins, which are connected to 6 individual copper heat pipes, connecting from both sides of its base. The top of the fan proudly displays the Thermaltake logo.

bigtyppro005.jpg bigtyppro006.jpg
bigtyppro007.jpg bigtyppro008.jpg
bigtyppro009.jpg bigtyppro010.jpg
bigtyppro011.jpg bigtyppro012.jpg
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  1. How is the heatsink mounted on Core 2 boards? Is it bolted in or does it use the plastic push-pin scheme? Thanks.

    • Hoohoo,

      The heat sink for the core 2 boards is indeed a plastic push pin design. This is not to say that there are not any odd ball aftermarket heatsink designs that may use a bolt on method. For instance, Most liquid cooling systems will have a screw on design that comes with an adapter. Hope this answers your question



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