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Thermaltake DH-202 HTPC (Media PC) Chassis


In this day and age, technology and computers consume our lives. Its only natural that with time, people will realize that the puny, limited DVR (digital video recorder) that the Cable Company makes you pay for is a waste of space and money, and the longer you have it the more of a waste of money it becomes. With the ability to surf the web, check your email, watch HD movies, record television, and much more, the real question is: “Why wouldn’t you get a HTPC?” And if you’re going to do it, you might as well have one with class. Thermaltake steps up to the plate with one of the nicest HTPC cases we have seen in a while. The Thermaltake DH-202 which is not only nice but also affordable. With an LCD Display, 23-in-1 Card Reader, and enough room to “Cool all Your Life“, the DH-202 is sure to win all our hearts. Will this Thermaltake Chassis live up to its name, or go down into the big book of mistakes.



  • Stylish and unique front panel design. This is the best choice for your home digital entertainment
  • High efficiency ventilation: 12cm Silent Fan in front and dual 6cm fan in rear
  • Built in 23-in-1 Card Reader
  • Built in Media LAB LCD with hot keys module (Windows Vista Ready)
  • LCD Capable of multi-language display
  • 10 buttons hot key function
  • Volume Control Knob and Remote Controller



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6 Comments... What's your say?

  1. I love this case. I just ordered it from amazon

    It looks like its built solid. I cant wait to get it…


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