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Thermaltake DH-202 HTPC (Media PC) Chassis


The packaging of the Thermaltake DH-202 is similar to just about every computer case. There is ample protection against bumps and angry UPS men, and the nice cloth bag will keep anything that may be loose in the packaging from rattling around, or scratching the case itself.

Front of Box Side of Box

Case is held in place by two pieces of Styrofoam wrapped in cardboard

A Closer Look: Exterior

When you first see the DH-202, you can’t do much more than be awe-struck. the brushed aluminum of the faceplate and its clean lines are extremely appealing to the eye. This is one of the few cases that I can look at online, with all of the professional product pictures, and think to myself that it looks better in person. To accompany the brushed aluminum of the faceplate, the sides and top are a nice gloss black. At first, I was skeptical, worrying about scratching easily with every day use. Fortunately, the case seems to be fairly scratch resistant, and a breeze to clean if you have a dust problem.

The faceplate of the DH-202 has an elegant design, perfect for any HTPC set-up

The cooling of the Thermaltake DH-202 is key to its purpose. Most of us don’t mind if our computer is a little loud, but if you’re going to be watching a movie on your HTPC, you don’t want to hear the video card fan in full action. The Thermaltake DH-202 attempts to reduce this by introducing a high airflow cooling system. The only problem that I can see with this is that there is a series of holes on the top of the case to allow air to enter or escape the case. These holes are placed directly over the areas that there are fans. If you happen to have a louder video card, or CPU heat sink, you can hear the fans loud and clear.



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  1. I love this case. I just ordered it from amazon

    It looks like its built solid. I cant wait to get it…


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