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Thermaltake Element S



With major competition in chassis on the market today it is extremely important for companies to make the most out of their cases. Everything must be in place. The looks is just as important as interior designs. Most of the professionals that use the computers as their money maker want to be as comfortable with it as possible. Be it web designers, digital artists, or professional gamers we all want out chassis to be quiet and easy to work with. Let’s be honest, we also want to show off how cool our chassis looks with lights on or off.

Thermaltake is a company that has started almost ten years ago by developing chassis, power supplies, and thermal management cooling solutions. Thermaltake has developed great and innovative products for all of the categories. The Thermaltake cases are known for their cooling, efficiency and design. TakewareLabs has previously reviewed chassis by Thermaltake and the results always came back positive but, nonetheless, with some certain issues. We will take note on how Thermaltake has addressed these certain issues that we came across while reviewing their cases. Join me as I review the latest chassis by Thermaltake which has been first seen at the CES2009, the Element S(VK6000 1N2Z). In Element S series there’s two types of cases the VK60001N2Z(the one we’re reviewing) and the VK60001W2Z. The difference is simple, VK60001W2Z has a side panel 240mm fan made mainly for VGA cooling. If you are planning on getting a Crossfire or SLi solution with 2 high end cards, or just impressing your friend with a huge fan, my suggestion is to get VK60001W2Z.


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