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Ventev 3015+ Battery Pack/Wall Charger combo

imagesVentev 3015+ Battery Pack/Wall Charger combo

Ever thought to yourself “Gee, I would love my charger brick to hold some energy so I can recharge it later, i don’t think that haunted house has electricity and I’ll be damned if I run out of power for my Flashlight app…

Well worry about poltergeists no more! (not really) You’ll be able to spend twice as much time exploring deep caverns, haunted shipyards, anIMG_7988d of course, trying to escape in a real life film recreation of The Blare Witch project…

Alright, so I’m not good at creating real life situations, my imagination won’t let me. But this battery pack is really sweet! The addition of the wall charge really does seem like a basic thing but for functionality its very convenient. I took it for granted until I needed it between my double shifts at work.

So lets take a gander at what this little guy provides…

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