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Zotac Factory Tour in Dong Guan China

zotac-logoZotac Factory  Tour

One of the most underestimated companies in the USA is Zotac. Producing some terrific products at extremely reasonable prices, this company has rolled out not only an entire lineup of motherboards, but high performance video cards, and even HTPC solutions. Stay tuned as we will be doing a factory tour and we may be able to release a thing or two about how the quality assurance works with Zotac and see if we are actually getting as good of a product as we think.

Zotac invited us to travel from Taipei to Hong Kong and then into China to visit their factory where they assemble, test, box, and ship all of their products. After almost a full day of travel we arrived in Dong Guan city ready to check out the magic behind the Zotac brand name. In my 15 years covering technology across the globe, visiting countless factories, and talking with PR reps and even the guys on the actual assembly line I can say that the Zotac factory was pretty impressive. But lets not get ahead of ourselves yet. We did have to travel there . . . and China is a site to behold!  Zotac put us up in an awesome hotel and catered to our every need while we were there.

The China countryside is beautiful and rugged at the same time and the streets are something  out of a National Geographic magazine.  Personally I have been to France, Canada, Russia, Taiwan, Japan, Mexico, and of course all over the USA. I think its fair to say I have been around more than some and less than others but I try to keep an open mind wherever I go.  I enjoy the travel, the new people, and new cultures.  One of the first things that people remember about travel aside from the sights are the smells and the food. That being said Stinky Tofu is not on the Jason approved menu and never will be. Again I digress we are here to talk about Zotac so lets begin with the travel there.



After the break you can check out photos from the tour.

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  1. Is there any way we can get a short description of the pictures on page 2?

    Nice to see this… I have trusted Zotac video cards thru several builds and have NEVER had a single problem. I can’t say the same for other brands. I bought a new brand “P” Nvidia GTX570 that started to artifact after 3 days of normal gaming use (no OC). I swapped it for a Zotac GTX570 (my previous 2 cards were Zotac) and it’s still going strong w/o any issues. If you want a quality Nvidia card with an EXCELLENT warranty to back it up, go with ZOTAC!


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