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Antec Six Hundred v2 Case

Antec says the Six Hundred was “designed for gaming purists,” and while this may be true, it’s also rather masochistic. The reason I say that is because this is not at all a tool-less case. While the hot-swappable 2.5″/SSD port is cool, I’d really like it if this case came with more thumb screws. My Antec Three Hundred came with enough thumb screws for all the hard drives. The Six Hundred however only has thumb screws to remove the side panels. This probably isn’t an issue for a lot of people especially if you don’t plan on changing much after your initial setup.

antec6002 antec6003
antec6007 antec6004

While not positioned as a LAN case, the 15.3lbs empty weight could easily bring you to a LAN with minimal muscle use.

If cooling is what you are after, you shouldn’t be left out with the Six Hundred, but if you want a system that comes with all the fans look elsewhere. The Six Hundred comes with the big 200mm fan on top and a 120mm on the back and space for two 120mms on the front for the HDDs and one on the side for the graphics card. This leaves three fans for your customization. These fans also have individual control switches on the back, so you can manually adjust thespeed.


Test Rig

Motherboard Gigabyte 890gpa-ud3h
CPU: AMD Phenom II x6 1075T 3.0GHz
Heatsink AeroFlow FX 120
Power Supply Cooler Master Silent Pro M 600W
RAM 4GB OCZ Platinum 1600
Case Antec Six Hundred v2
GPU Sparkle Nvidia GTS450 1024MB
Hard drive 1TB Western Digital Black; 1TB Seagate

This Antec Six Hundred is small, but save for one issue, I had no problem getting my rig inside. The issue isn’t really an issue but more of an incompatibility. The PSU I have (Cooler Master Silent Pro M 600w) comes with vibration reducing rubber fittings that do not fit in the PSU slot that Antec provided. This is because the spot for the PSU was designed to hold the PSU in place along with the screws, creating a nice and tight fitting. This actually made PSU installation very easy. I’ve had cases without these that force you to hold the PSU in an awkward manner while you try to screw it in. So, while I can’t use the rubber fittings, the install was very easy, and the fit was perfect. Large PSUs, however, might not fit, but if you have a large PSU, you are probably looking to get a full tower (or at least a bigger case than this).

antec6005 antec6006

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  1. I disagree about finding better options for the $80 retail pricetag. Ive seen many of the options you speak about. I hope you have plenty of bandaids around for the cuts your going to get. Also the plastic on the ~80 models is very cheap and flimsy. Another area I personally think this model excels at is looks. It doesn’t pretend to be a transformer or an airplane. This is a case I would not feel ashamed to have at a LAN.

    • I agree.

      I think I failed to mention something. While the case was lacking a few features, it was made very well. The edges are all smooth. The case is rigid, and light. It’s a very well made case with that lacks a few modern features. But, unless you plan on going in and out of your case, the lacking features are only going to be a problem once.

  2. Horrible. Just horrible.
    No cable management? Gray interior? Dumb HDD orientation. No removable HDD cage. Not tool less. What a joke this whole thing is for its price. Are they even trying to compete with CM or the others?

  3. Personally I find the cable management very poor in this chassis. I realize it is 80 dollars but there are other PC cases in the same price category with far superior cable management. Antec just isn’t listening to their customers.

    • Could’t agree more Robert. Utterly useless and ugly interior and many more better options out there.

      Antec used to be on everyone’s shortlist for a case but these days they are falling behind rather severely.

      Consider something such as a CM690II from Coolermaster or even one of the cheaper Zalman cases which go for a song and have pretty good options for cable management etc.

    • I agree. It has cable management, but it’s more of an extra space to shove cable so they don’t hit fan blades. And with the way Gigabyte puts their ports on their boards, you’re guaranteed to have cables everywhere.


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