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Ventev 3015+ Battery Pack/Wall Charger combo

Ventev 3015+ Battery Pack/Wall Charger combo Ever thought to yourself…

Belkin Expands Line-Up of USB-C Accessories

Belkin Expands Line-Up of USB-C Accessories New Belkin 4-Port Mini…

Huawei Smart Watch

The Huawei Smart Watch is a recent entry and boasts some impressive features to compliment its equally impressive price tag. What do you get in this high end model to justify the price? We break down the Huawei Smart Watch for you into the features most important to your regular use.

Martian Victory Smart Watch Review

As a college student always checking my iPhone, the idea of having a watch that literally notifies me of almost any activity on my phone really intrigued me. Everyone hates when they feel their phone vibrate in their pocket and then they pull it out only to find that it was an irrelevant email or a Facebook notification. If only there was something that could let me know everything I wanted to know, all while being disguised as something that also tells me what time it is. Say hello to the Martian Victory Smart Watch.

Luxa² E-One Headset Holder Review

Most PC gamers and enthusiasts use expensive headsets for pristine audio quality and clarity and are often plagued by an annoying and possibly costly nuisance, there is nowhere to properly place a headset and Luxa² has found a solution to that problem. The E-One is an elegant, well built, sturdy aluminum headset holder that is capable of holding any and all headsets. With the E-One headset holder, Luxa² saved gamers and desktop users from having to hang an expensive headset on your monitor or simply leaving it on a desk where it can get scratched and possibly fall.

Apotop Wi-Copy Review

If there was ever a gadget that I would consider the Swiss army knife of its day, it would be the Apotop Wi-Copy (DW21). From school, to the airport, to the hotel, and back again, this pocket sized mobile device can transfer files wirelessly, act as a power bank for your devices, become your personal cloud storage, and acts as a personal router all without ever utilizing a PC. For $89.99, you can buy the Apotop Wi-Copy and experience true mobile convenience and versatility. Today we will be taking a look at the Apotop Wi-Copy’s functions and performance. Apotop, a brand of the Taiwanese based Carry Technology Co , strives in bringing the most innovative storage and portable wireless products for all mobile users. If you are always on the move and rely heavily on your smart phone and tablet, I highly recommend you check out Apotop products.