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Sparkle Calibre 9800GTX+ Video Card

Analysis and Conclusion

After testing this card for quite a while we found it to be both stable and cool running.¬† Heat is ultimately the enemy of all electronics and not just CPU’s so the cooler your card runs the longer it will last. The Sparkle Calibre 9800 GTX+ is able to crack out an excellent framerate in all the games we tested as well as doing so at high resultions. Given the current price vs performance¬† of 9800 GTX cards the choice becomes a no brainer for those consumers looking for an excellent buy while truly keeping them in the game and competitive.

Our thanks to Sparkle for providing the Calibre 9800 GTX+ for this review.

If you need high end gaming performance with a winning design that sets it apart from the crowd then place your crosshairs squarely on the Calibre 9800 GTX+ and pull the trigger. Bang! your opponents are pushing up daisies.

We are happy to give the Calibre 9800 GTX+ our Approved Hardware Award for being a great buy with great performance.

TechwareLabs Approved Hardware Award

TechwareLabs Approved Hardware Award

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