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In-Win Griffin Case Review

The In-Win Griffin case is designed with the beginning builder in mind. It is stylish on the outside and has some nice features on the inside that helps to keep the confusion down on the first build. Follow along as we go over how well this case is built as well as what each feature of the case allows the end-user to do.

iui Design BeLive Bluetooth Portable Speaker

There is a growing trend today where people love to have their music wherever they go. Many times a headset is not always the right answer; in this case, iui Design has released a product that will cater to the needs of people for their music collection. With its dual speakers and great bass sound, music lovers everywhere will love this device for their on-the-go audio desires. Follow along as this product is detailed and find out how well this device will fair in real-world use.

Running Ubuntu 10.10 in a Virtual Machine

Ever feel like you have been chained to your current operating system? Have you thought about switching to something new before but never got around to finding the right one? Well here is your chance to explore something new. Ubuntu 10.10 released this past October and has amazed me the more I started using it. This guide will show you how to install a virtual machine with Ubuntu 10.10 installed straight from your Windows desktop.

Folding@Home Configuration Guide

For years distributed processing projects have been running in order to speed up the research process. Distributed processing clients are programs that are run across multiple machines worldwide. This allows for the researchers to gain access to a wealth of information faster than if they were to use a supercomputer.

The Easter Egg/Secrets of Call of Duty Black Ops

The critically-acclaimed release of Call of Duty Black Ops has brought many players from Modern Warfare 2 over to a new playing field. I won’t spoil anything for those who have yet to complete the single-player, however, as that is not what this article is about. One of the more intriguing parts of this game is the amount of side activities that can be found throughout the game in both single- and multi-player in the form of easter eggs.