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Patriot Division2 Viper Xtreme 4GB DDR3 RAM kit

Patriot Memory releases a fantastic DDR3 RAM kit, the Patriot Division2 Viper Xtreme with exceptional performance and phenomenal overclocking potential. Just how high will it go? And do you need to bother?

FSP Aurum 600 Power Supply

Good, cheap, and power efficient are not usually words that combine when speaking about power supplies and yet that is exactly what 99% of consumers are looking for. Today we check out a power supply from FSP's Aurum line which promises to live up to those consumer wants. Let's find out how it fares.

Western Digital Scorpo Black 750gb laptop hard drive

The Western Digital Scorpio Black represents a strong contender for "best laptop hard drive on the market" and is surprisingly affordable. Watch us put it through its paces, and see if it lives up to its potential.

Thermaltake Jing CPU Cooler

Today, we have for your consideration the Thermaltake Jing CPU cooler. The Jing is a reinterpretation of the Frio, done up in white and green to contrast the Frio’s red-and-black scheme. Also in contrast with the Frio, which is designed with performance in mind, the Jing is designed to run silent; Thermaltake claims 16 dBA at minimum speed. They don’t list the sound level at maximum power, but take my word for it - it’s quiet. Though quiet, Thermaltake didn't compromise performance with the Jing rated for up to a 200 watt CPU. I found upon casual inspection that the highest-wattage i7 is 130 watts peak, leaving plenty of overhead for overclock, or under-volting the fans in order to keep things running silently. This performance is achieved by the use of a very large radiator block, kept warm by five heat pipes, both ends of which extend through the entire radiator block. This is in turn cooled by a pair of 120 mm fans in a push-pull configuration.

Cooler Master Inferno Gaming Mouse

Cooler Master has recently seen fit to branch out their product line with their new Inferno mouse, joining the Sentinel Advance in the lineup for those who, according to Cooler Master, prefer games like World of Warcraft, and other button-hungry, macro-requiring RTS and MMO games.

What Happened to the Unlimited Data Plan

What started as a look at the decline of all you can eat data on the mobile front comes full circle, and brings it home... to home land line connections, that is.