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Website Maker

Once upon a time, web development was a quite simple thing. Today, considerations must include content management, SEO, mobile optimization, and more. Countless companies exist to make a buck while ostensibly helping prospective webmasters navigate these murky waters—some legitimate, some peddling snake oil—but there are a variety of software packages that can take much of the mystery out of accomplishing this yourself.

3 Possible Follow-Ups to Google’s Pixel

Google’s Pixel phone enthralled tech enthusiasts last year and caused them to wonder what’s next. Although details about what Google plans to do with the next version of its smartphone are still scarce, some information is emerging and starting to generate interest.

How to make a 3D scanner from an Xbox 360 Kinect

How many times have you sat there and thought about getting a 3D Scanner? If you are in to 3D printing then it’s probably a lot. If you go online and look for a 3D scanner you will find a lot of them with extremely high price tags. From $120 - $32,000. Seems a bit crazy on the high end but you are paying for the resolution. The idea behind a 3D scanner is that you use a laser that bounces back to a camera to tell it the contours of the model. Well what does a Kinect do? It scans a body for motion tracking using lasers and a camera. BINGO, there is a 3D scanner waiting to be used.

Cherry MX-Board 3.0 Blue Switch

In the line of MX-based keyboards the Cherry MX-Board 3.0 comes out strong with its design of this fantastic keyboard, however...

These Biobot Cockroaches Could Save Lives

Real-life cockroaches are known for being pretty tough, and now…

Rowkin Bit Stereo Earphones

Harnessing the power of tiny, Rowkin has introduced a device that…