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Liquid Image Torque HD Video Goggles Review

TechwareLabs compares the Liquid Image Torque HD Video Goggles against the GoPro HD Hero 2. We demonstrate video and audio quality using side by side shots of the same video footage so you can truly see and hear the difference. See why we selected the Liquid Image goggles over the GoPro HD Hero 2. Read our full review at:

MXL FR-310 Hot Shoe Shotgun Microphone Review

If you have ever recorded video in a noisy environment only to find out later that your video looks fine but sounds horrible then you need a shotgun microphone. These microphones help eliminate the noise you don't want and record what you do. MXL makes a dizzying array of microphones suited for all types of purposes. The MXL FR-310 is a budget conscious shotgun microphone for the average consumer and beginning videographer.

Genius G-Shot HD575T Digital Camcorder Review

In this technology rich world we live in, there is no shortage of ways to capture those spontaneous or special moments in your life. The reality is that many of us carry devices (smartphones, tablets, etc…) capable of capturing still pictures and motion video at some level. Where these devices excel in being extremely portable, the quality, feature, and functionality of capturing these moments in your life is generally limited due to their inherent small form factor. So, the video camera market is still very much alive and kicking!

CustomSLR C-Loop HD and Split Strap Camera Strap for DSLR Cameras

So you like to take pictures and either already own a Digital SLR camera or are getting ready to purchase one. It goes without saying that you intend to use your DSLR to take pictures and probably often. You should be thinking usability and comfort. With all that extra quality comes larger lenses and more bulk. You still want those great pictures but like me are searching for an easier more comfortable way to carry and use your DSLR.

Samsung NX100 Digital Camera

Everyone has heard about the DSLR and its high quality photos. Everyone has also heard of its bulk and high price. Today we are taking a look at the Samsung NX100, claimed to offer the excellent quality while still remaining fairly light and small.

Samsung PL210 14 Megapixel Digital Camera

In the market for a new Digital Camera? Join us as we check out the 14MP Samsung PL210 Point and shoot. We'll tell you if it's worth your money.