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Edifier MP250 USB Laptop/Computer Speakers





Right Side Front Left Side

The package looks impressive but honestly quite big for a laptop speaker system.  Maybe they got extra goodies inside?



Inside the package Contents

The insides did not bring any surprises. It included a USB and AUX wires for sound connections. Also included was nice protective, velvet, holster for the sound bar. For perfectionist it is a nice addition to protect your Edifier Speaker System from any scratches whilst in transit. On the other hand you can you use the holster for that pot of gold you’ve always meant to carry around your waist.

Closer Look



Button Side Input Side

The right side of the speaker has a volume button. It’s not very intuitive at first. Don’t let the looks deceive you, it is a single button rather than a volume nob. Pressing the button in single click will increase the volume while holding the button will decrease it.

On the other side are the USB and AUX inputs. Here you have a choice, you can either use the USB for power and sound or you can use USB for power and AUX for audio input. Obviously if you’re using this on a laptop there isn’t a reason to use AUX cable.

To change the setting for which input to use in Windows 7 you can go to:

Start > Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Sound > Playback Tab

then choose appropriate output device.



Overview Bottom

The most common thing I’ve noticed in gadgets is bad rubber feet. On this speaker however the feet are very well glued to the speaker and I don’t see them coming off any time soon.

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