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Tt eSPORTS Azurues Mini Gaming Mouse

Closer Look

Looks: The first thing you notice about this mouse is its appearance. It’s sleek, all-black look when not plugged in is classy and makes the mouse look high quality. When you get it plugged in is when it really shows off. The scroll wheel lights up a faint red while the Tt eSPORTS dragon logo on the back “breathes” from off to a powerful red. The red accents really compliment the black of the rest of the mouse and give it a fierce look that tells you this mouse is for one thing only, gaming. The lights allow it to stand out in a crowd without being gaudy or distracting. As far as shape goes, it looks like many of its competitors.

Back logo Front view
Side view Underside view

Feel: While appearance is important for gaming mice, the biggest factor for gamers is feel. The Azurues Mini really excels in this category. When you hold the mouse in your hand it has a good weight to it. It is heavy enough to not go flying at the slightest tap and to feel high quality, but is not so heavy that it is sluggish during fast movements. The contact points of the mouse (the back/top, buttons, sides and scroll wheel) are all coated in a smooth no-slip rubber while the rest is shiny black plastic for a sleek finish.

Grip: The shape of the mouse is comfortable for most hand sizes but isn’t very large and may seem a little cramped for someone with big hands. It seems suited for all grip styles though palm grip users may want something a little longer. For claw and fingertip users though, the shape and weight of the mouse allow for the quick and precise movements required for fps games.

Sound: Sound is often overlooked by many when looking for mice. The Azurues Mini has good actuation on the left and right buttons while staying fairly quiet. The scroll wheel is smooth with a distinct click for each notch. Every action on the mouse gives you enough feedback so that you know if you accidentally click a button but not so much that it becomes an annoyance.

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